Top 3 | My favourite bloggers / Youtubers

On my blog I have already introduced you to quite a few Slovenians who are making big steps towards living a more environmentally friendly life and who are sharing their thoughts and experiences it on various internet platforms.

This post is dedicated to foreign bloggers and/or Youtubers who inspire me every day and force me to change. For the better, of course.

At the moment the girls mentioned below are the ones I follow on a regular basis. People change, of course, and with us, our taste, so it’s perfectly possible that my list will be completely different 6 months from now. But this is it atm, and I am now sharing it with you.

So, my top three bloggers / vloggers / Youtubers are …

Jenny Mustard (@

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The person who ultimately convinced me that the point of minimalism is not in depriving yourself but in the relief that accompanies the possession of smaller amounts of stuff. Because her content isn’t about living waste free, it offers a pleasant break from my routine of following (otherwise great) zero waste bloggers and Youtubers. I follow Jenny mostly because of her vegan dishes, which she prepares in absolutely stunningly beautiful ways, and the useful advice she gives on time management, among many other things. Jenny is an expert in getting what she wants and she gladly shares her knowledge on her Youtube channel. She and her boyfriend David also make videos about movies and they regularely publish podcasts on various topics.


Kathryn Kellogg (@

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What I like about Kathryn is mostly her honesty and directness. Her website is full of useful advice on how to reduce trash in various areas of your life. Her style of writing is also very direct – she admits without hesitation that she still buys some things in packaging. I like the logic behind the name of her website, Going Zero Waste. Kathryn is well aware of the fact that due to various factors, she will probably never reach the goal of living completely waste free. But every step in the right direction counts.


Gittemarie Johansen (@

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I have already talked about Gittemarie here at Manj smeti – Manj skrbi. She is the very person because of whom I became familiar with the concept of zero waste and because of that she deserves multiple mentions. What’s fascinating is her complete transformation from a fashion blogger, subjected to trends and fast fashion, to someone who buys all of her clothes secondhand or from sustainable sources. She also makes a large portion of her own makeup and despite her zero waste beliefs she is always crazy well dressed, so she can be a great inspiration to those of you who want to produce less trash without it jeopardizing your personal sense of style.

Which bloggers / vloggers are your favourite?

Till next time.