Easy vegan milk | 4 minutes, 2 ingredients

Ovseno mleko recept 1

During the Let’s Waste No More exchange, when I was talking about my waste-free life, I was presented with a question that got me thinking. Is it a coincidence that many zero wasters are also vegetarians or vegans?

My reasons for avoiding all animal products are not strictly related to protecting the environment. When I started becoming aware of the atrocities that occur daily in the meat, dairy and egg industries, I simply made a decision not to be a part of it. But the more I learn about environmental protection, the more I realize that eating only plant based foods has a huge positive impact on the planet. Continue reading “Easy vegan milk | 4 minutes, 2 ingredients”

“Are you Zero Waste because it’s cheap?”

a.k.a. Thinking about common goals and helping each other.

I am a member of a fair number of Facebook groups where people help each other live a more eco friendly life. Not so long ago, something happened that left a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth. This is what I would like to talk about today. Continue reading ““Are you Zero Waste because it’s cheap?””